Rewire: Mind Body Alignment

The human brain has a 100 billion neurons and each neuron is connect to a 1000 more. That means that the human brain has about 60 trillion connections! Neurons fire in your brain either as a response to a physical or emotional impulse or instigate movement or organ function. There is a lot of external stimulus bombarding us every minute of everyday leading to neurons over firing or under firing. These misfiring neurons create patterns of stress, which can be either emotional or physical. As the patterns get repeated, behaviour is formed. Once this behaviour is reinforced again and again, it transmutes into an uncomfortable posture. And if the body is in constant bad posture, it creates pain. Here you need to rewire your neurons. I am fascinated by the concept of Rewire – because it gives an opportunity to introduce you to your own body, and connect. 

The very first step of Rewire is bringing awareness. I encourage you to talk and listen to your body – this will help you to know and understand what is going on. Once you know what is going on, the next step is to acknowledge the discomfort, if any, and honour it. 
The next step happens intrinsically where you process the physical or emotional discomfort within your body. This processing of emotions leads to rewiring and creates a balance between the sensory messages and motor responses of the body. 
In general the body must process and balance these input and output messages. This must become a subconscious learning, to respond correctly to any situation. Eventually, the body learns the skill of what to keep and what to expel.