Reset: Movement Therapy

Motion is a sign of life. 
Everything in your body moves – from your cells, to tissues to organs, to fluids, to muscles, to joints… If for any reason, this movement stops in any part of the body, stagnation happens and this leads to restrictions. Restrictions means lack of movement and that is counter to life itself. 
Reset through Movement Therapy, is like giving the body a Factory Reset – everything works the way that it is originally supposed to, not according to the patterns (referred to in Rewire – Body Mind Alignment) that disturb your alignment. 
There is a sequence to the way this therapy unfolds – first, you rewire the existing patterns of behaviour and emotion that you have been living with. And then you discover and embed that new change in the body through, what I have put together and call, Movement Therapy. 

The basic principle of this therapy lies in setting an intention. This means, that even if the movement is not entirely right, you keep reinforcing your intention of getting towards the right movement.   

When you move, you have to make a conscious effort until it becomes a subconscious skill, which leads to resetting your body’s consciousness and breaking old patterns. This means that your body experiences freedom in its range of movement, and it becomes free of the state of fear of movement.  

In my Movement Therapy sessions, I can see clear evidence in the clients’ body language as they learn to move. The more they move, the more they become expressive. It just shows in their posture, in the way they hold their bodies –movement gives you freedom to be emotionally expressive. You don’t have to talk, your body becomes expressive.